Get to Know Steve Hancock

WISCONSIN TIES Although Steve was born and raised in Waukesha, Wisconsin, most of his teaching career occurred outside of the Midwest. After nearly 30 years away, he and Stephanie were looking to relocate closer to home. “There’s something different about Midwest kids,” he said. “They’re just nice.” Easy access to Sprecher root beer isn’t the only reason Steve and Stephanie moved to Wisconsin, but it … Continue reading Get to Know Steve Hancock

Theatre in a Pandemic? No Problem for These Students

Upper School and Middle School students displayed creativity, dedication, and determination in their respective cinematic renditions of “Crush” and “A Wrinkle in Time.” Both productions were filmed with the help of Upper School crew members and Joshua Miller, theatre technical director, and although rehearsals and filming were interrupted by quarantines and school-mandated moves to distance learning, the students persevered to deliver a finished product. Visit … Continue reading Theatre in a Pandemic? No Problem for These Students

USM Competes at State

GIRLS TENNIS Kala Siddalingaiah ’21 and Rebecca Daskal ’22 won the doubles championship in the WIAA Division 2 Individual State Tournament on Oct. 17, 2020. The duo was USM’s top doubles team, and they did not lose a single set throughout the tournament. USM’s number-one singles player, Maahum Jan ’21, also competed at state, losing to the tournament’s number-two seed, Catholic Memorial senior Lauren Carson, … Continue reading USM Competes at State

Pangaea Kids: Making Global Connections Without Leaving Home

In July 2020, Saffron McPhedran ’28 launched a virtual club called Pangaea Kids to connect with other students around the globe. In 5th grade World Cultural Geography, students study a central question throughout the year: how are people throughout the world similar, and how are they different? To get a jump start, their teacher, Will Piper ’96, assigns a summer reading book called “Children Just … Continue reading Pangaea Kids: Making Global Connections Without Leaving Home

In Memoriam: Fall/Winter 2020-21

Dr. Warren Coleman Bowlus MUS’48 Dr. Warren Coleman Bowlus MUS’48 died on Aug. 26, 2020 at age 90, of post-coronavirus pneumonia. He is survived by his loving wife of nearly 70 years, Marcia Bowlus MUS’49, their children and  grandchildren, and fondly remembered by the many students and athletes he challenged to be their best on the playing field and in their daily lives. Bowlus earned … Continue reading In Memoriam: Fall/Winter 2020-21

Homecoming 2020

University School of Milwaukee students and faculty managed to make Homecoming 2020 a memorable experience, despite a limited number of events due to COVID-19. How do you make Homecoming fun and safe during a pandemic? Challenge Milwaukee’s own Famous Racing Sausages to a competition, for starters. Students were thrilled to be greeted at the doors by the sausages, and later to watch (in person or … Continue reading Homecoming 2020