1,000 Point Club

Aidanne DePoy ’20 joined an elite group of student athletes while playing a sport she learned to love.

As a senior, Aidanne DePoy ’20 reached a record milestone: she scored 1,000 points during her varsity basketball career at University School of Milwaukee. Which is ironic, because she didn’t even like basketball all that much when she first started playing it. “I love sports,” she said. “I’ve been playing soccer since I was 6 and volleyball since I was 10. I started playing basketball for USM in 5th grade, but I didn’t love it.”

But DePoy is not one to shy away from a challenge, and as her skills grew, so did her appreciation for the sport. “My freshman year, I scored like 120ish points,” she said. “But then [during] my sophomore year, I started getting rebounds and layups, and I’m tall, which helped.” DePoy scored more than 300 points that season and was named MVP, bringing her point total into the 400s. “At that point, my dad mentioned that getting 1,000 points was a possibility.”

DePoy is a leader in more ways than scoring points. She has served on the Student Athletic Leadership Team (SALT) since her freshman year, and was elected SALT president her senior year. She also served as a team captain in soccer, volleyball, and basketball, served on the student council and class board, and was the co-president of the feminism club at USM. But she has found her leadership positions in sports to be her most challenging. “For me, it’s learning that there’s totally different things you need to do as a leader depending on the team,” she said. “Sometimes, I need to be more of a positive force and try to keep people happy; other times, I’ll need to be more of a motivator and kind of pull the team together. It’s just a very different experience depending on the coach and players. It’s been a great learning experience.”

DePoy ultimately scored her 1,000th point during an away game in Madison, Wisconsin. When she scored the point, there was a small celebration on court. “Coach [Jason] Strains had given the refs one of our balls to play with, so when I scored the point they gave me the ball to keep. We had a time out and all hugged and everything, and then went back to playing.” Although being at an away game wasn’t ideal, DePoy’s sister, who attends UW-Madison, was able to be there.

DePoy’s name will be the first added to the “Girls’ 1,000 Point Club” banner hanging in the Upper School gym, next to the “Boys’ 1,000 Point Club” banner, which has five names listed. “It’ll be weird to have my name up there—but also cool, because basketball was never my favorite sport. It was something I always kind of feared I wasn’t as good in, but then it slowly became my favorite sport. So it’ll be nice to be like, ‘Okay, I was good enough. I was tall enough.’ I’m just happy that there’s a name up there now and it’s finally like, ‘Yeah, girls can compete at this, too.’”

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