Alumni Events: Spring/Summer 2016-17

Joe Lubar Alumni Baseball Event

Alumni, family, and friends gathered on Saturday, June 3 to celebrate Joe Lubar’s ’08 life and love of baseball. The event was open to everyone and included good food and fun. Despite the pouring rain, USM’s varsity baseball team won 3-2 against the alumni team in 11 innings. Guests also celebrated the varsity team’s successful season, finishing out the year as Midwest Classic Conference Champions.

Inaugural Paddle Tennis Event

Alumni, parents, and friends gathered at The Town Club in Milwaukee for the inaugural paddle tennis event. Paddle tennis is a game adapted from tennis, played with a solid paddle on courts with lower nets.

(Back, from left) Jason Diamond, Amy Taylor Diamond, Aaron Gardner ’96, Sarah Moede, T.J. Hauske ’08, Sue Bradley Schouten ’73, Peter Klug ’93, Heather Klug, Michael Williams ’70. (Seated, from left) Mark Short, Julia Reilly Burke ’74, Stephanie Asmuth Gardner ’96, Rachel Bennett, Gigi Mestier Short ’79, Catherine Meyer Williams ’79.

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