Arts Live

The arts have never been more valued at USM, as evident during the fifth-annual Arts Live on May 1. This year’s theme was Illuminate the Arts, and during the school-wide, all-day celebration, students were able to shine a light—sometimes literally—on art in all its many forms at USM. “It was so exciting to see students from all three divisions come together in one day, under … Continue reading Arts Live

Arts Live 2017

The fourth-annual Arts Live event, held throughout two days in late April, was a School-wide celebration of visual arts, theatre, and music. The theme was #VisualizePeace, and students were asked, “When you close your eyes and visualize peace, what do you see?” Their responses were photographed and hung throughout the School for visitors to see. Students in all divisions displayed a variety of artistic talents, … Continue reading Arts Live 2017

Learning by Doing

Middle School Music Teacher Miriam Altman traveled to Ghana to learn traditional drumming and dancing. Here she shares her experience, and the importance of community when learning and teaching these traditional art forms.  My morning lessons in Ghana started with formal greetings fo all my teachers. We would meet in the rehearsal space, shake hands, greet each other using a long exchange in Ewe, the … Continue reading Learning by Doing