Superheroes Soar in 6th Grade

A collaborative unit including English, theatre arts, and visual arts classes yielded a fun evening of creative expression amongst 6th graders. Students wrote monologues and performed them in front of guests, and created superhero drawings that focused on body proportion, muscle structure, and costume design as part of the ComicCon event. Continue reading Superheroes Soar in 6th Grade

Arts Live 2019

Students celebrated art in all its forms during the sixth annual Arts Live event in April. From visual arts to music and performing arts, students in all divisions participated in a wide range of activities to showcase their work and talent. Parents were invited to stay for the whole day and enjoy a delicious dinner from various food trucks, and the evening concluded with an … Continue reading Arts Live 2019

Tough Act to Follow

Upper School theatre students presented “The Drowsy Chaperone,” in March. In the musical parody, Adolpho (pictured here and played by Donn Rhys Mondano ’22) is a bumbling Latin lothario hired to lure star showgirl Janet Van De Graaff (played by Margaret Stewart ’19) away from her fiancé. “The cast and I enjoyed the process of creating shtick characters and routines that result in a fun-loving, … Continue reading Tough Act to Follow

Turning the Mundane into the Magical

Last year, Hannah Hakami ’18 spent the better part of her senior year turning an otherwise bland Upper School hallway into a vibrant work of art as part of her senior Tower Project. For her senior Tower Project last year, Hannah Hakami ’18 wanted to create a public mural. But, as is the case with nearly every student’s Tower Project, she had to overcome a … Continue reading Turning the Mundane into the Magical

The Illiterati

For former Middle School Drama Teacher Mark Edwards, an opportunity to take over as the Upper School drama teacher in July was too good to refuse. “I knew I wanted to work with high-school-aged students eventually, and this seemed like a great opportunity,” he said. “They’re older, more mature, and a little bit more cerebral, so you can go into greater depth with the pieces.” … Continue reading The Illiterati

Arts Live

The arts have never been more valued at USM, as evident during the fifth-annual Arts Live on May 1. This year’s theme was Illuminate the Arts, and during the school-wide, all-day celebration, students were able to shine a light—sometimes literally—on art in all its many forms at USM. “It was so exciting to see students from all three divisions come together in one day, under … Continue reading Arts Live