A Head Above The Rest

Steve and Stephanie Hancock have passed along many admirable traits to their children, including a love of music, a strong work ethic, and a good sense of humor. Get to know the Hancocks as they embark on their first year at USM. On a crisp, bright Saturday in early December, a small contingent of “USM Today” staff (one writer and one photographer) drove to the … Continue reading A Head Above The Rest

Lessons Learned in a Pandemic

It’s been almost a full calendar year since COVID-19 was classified as a global pandemic—a year that has defied logic, suspended understanding, and impacted just about everyone. The battle against the virus is being fought on many different fronts, and University School of Milwaukee alumni are among many individuals leading the charge. We spoke to alumni in the fields of supply chain management, medicine, journalism, … Continue reading Lessons Learned in a Pandemic

Get to Know Steve Hancock

WISCONSIN TIES Although Steve was born and raised in Waukesha, Wisconsin, most of his teaching career occurred outside of the Midwest. After nearly 30 years away, he and Stephanie were looking to relocate closer to home. “There’s something different about Midwest kids,” he said. “They’re just nice.” Easy access to Sprecher root beer isn’t the only reason Steve and Stephanie moved to Wisconsin, but it … Continue reading Get to Know Steve Hancock

Learning in the Time of Coronavirus

In March, the University School of Milwaukee community went from anticipating a relaxing spring break to preparing for self-isolation amid a global pandemic—all in a matter of a few days. Although teachers and students had to dramatically change how they taught and learned, everyone rallied together to implement the school’s USM@HOME distance learning plan. On the following pages, you’ll hear from members of our community … Continue reading Learning in the Time of Coronavirus

A Job (and Career) Well Done

Laura Fuller is set to retire following nine years as USM’s head of school. When Laura Fuller arrived at University School of Milwaukee in 2011, she was given the charge to build upon a very good school and make it an even better one. Hired as the school’s first female head, she was seen as a strong leader, excellent collaborator, and wonderful listener—qualities that have … Continue reading A Job (and Career) Well Done

Brave New World

Personal computing devices have revolutionized University School of Milwaukee’s curriculum, putting unparalleled knowledge into students’ hands with the click of a mouse or the swipe of a finger. But they can also serve as a distracting temptation—one that can be difficult for children and their parents to manage. So why are these devices important in the classroom, and how is USM teaching students to use … Continue reading Brave New World