Learning in the Time of Coronavirus

In March, the University School of Milwaukee community went from anticipating a relaxing spring break to preparing for self-isolation amid a global pandemic—all in a matter of a few days. Although teachers and students had to dramatically change how they taught and learned, everyone rallied together to implement the school’s USM@HOME distance learning plan. On the following pages, you’ll hear from members of our community … Continue reading Learning in the Time of Coronavirus

A Message from Steve Hancock: Spring/Summer 2019-20

Respect. Trust. Honesty. Fairness. Kindness. When I first read these words on the USM website, I was immediately drawn to the school. These qualities have been the foundation of my personal belief surrounding education for decades. As I read more, I learned that the Common Trust ignites a passion for learning, leading, and serving throughout anextraordinary community. Six months after hearing about the head of … Continue reading A Message from Steve Hancock: Spring/Summer 2019-20

Window to the World

During Global Enrichment Fest, students sampled global cuisine, learned about different cultures, and enjoyed traditional customs without ever leaving campus. COVID-19 may have disrupted many special events at USM, but thankfully it did not impact the annual Global Enrichment Fest, held in February. Sponsored by the Parents’ Association, the event featured booths—many staffed by USM parents—that represented countries from around the globe. Students learned about … Continue reading Window to the World

For the Love of Liberal Arts

John “J.S.” and Carolyn Stephens’ long-time support of liberal arts education in Milwaukee inspired a gift that ensures their message will continue to impact lives for years to come. Retired teacher and administrator John “J.S.” Stephens’ six-decade career at USM began inauspiciously. After graduating from Amherst College and earning his master’s in teaching from Harvard University in 1957, the Vermont native taught for one year … Continue reading For the Love of Liberal Arts

A Look Ahead: Spring/Summer 2019-20

The USM campus underwent a dramatic change in February, when dead ash trees and invasive plant species like buckthorn and honeysuckle were removed from approximately 45 acres of campus property as part of the woodlands restoration project. While the land looks barren now, it will be replanted with native species to restore and redevelop habitats. The project will take three to five years to complete, … Continue reading A Look Ahead: Spring/Summer 2019-20

A Look Back: Moving Forward at USM

When I look back on my 15 years as one of the school nurses at USM, I can’t help but appreciate the changes that have been made at the school during this time. The nurse clinic work, such as health forms, visit notes, doctor’s orders and parental consent, used to all be done on paper. For around 1,100 students each year, it was often a … Continue reading A Look Back: Moving Forward at USM