Creating Friendships in the Fold

It’s the little things in life that can make a big difference, and for students in Prekindergarten Teacher Muffie Browne’s classroom, simple, folded napkins were enough to make their day go from good to great. The napkins were the work of 8th-grade students who, for weeks in a row, took it upon themselves to fold napkins in the shape of boats and leave them for the next group at their lunch tables, which happened to be Browne’s class. Browne’s students were so delighted with the napkins that they learned how to make origami Willie the Wildcat shapes to present to their 8th-grade friends as part of a special thank-you.

“Every day, the children were so happy to find their napkins magically folded, and they were quite curious to discover who was making the napkins look so fantastic,” said Browne. “They were excited to meet the 8th-grade buddies in person and they beamed with pride as the 8th-graders read the words on the thank-you note.”

“When I was in PK I loved seeing the older kids, and when they did something for me it meant so much,” said Lauren Glusman ’21. “It felt great to know that I am now the older kid making younger kids happy.” Added Neil Dogra ’21, “I thought the napkin folding was just a silly custom at our table. I didn’t expect the napkins to bring joy, but I’m delighted that they did!”

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