Experiential Learning and Innovation Think Tank

In September 2014, a University School of Milwaukee Experiential Learning and Innovation Think Tank committee was established for the School to engage in discussions regarding innovators who are empowered and inspired to conquer the challenges of tomorrow.

A byproduct of USM’s Strategic Plan, this distinguished Thank Tank consists of USM and predecessor school alumni, parents, administrators, and leaders in the business community with a shared interest in defining, developing, and encouraging entrepreneurial and innovative thinking at the school.

These meetings included several discussions on skills, mindsets, and curricular development opportunities that ensure USM’s educational pedagogy will continue to provide authentic, transformative learning experiences that prepare students to be innovative thought leaders—in college and beyond. Citing foundational collaborative projects and initiatives such as Nerdvana, Compass 9, and the Upper School House of Technology as sparks igniting innovation at USM, the Think Tank committee will continue to provide essential insights and perspectives as the School fosters innovation, entrepreneurship, and creativity.

Many of the opportunities outlined throughout this issue were made possible through the thoughts, ideas, and perspectives of this Experiential Learning and Innovation Think Tank, and the School wishes to thank the members of the committee for their valuable contribution.

USM’s Experiential Learning and Innovation Think Tank Committee:

Dan Armbrust
Elizabeth Fitzsimmons ’89
Kate Gay
Dick Kramlich MCDS’53
Larry Kubal ’70
Nikki Lucyk
Jim O’Reilly ’78
Michael A. Roth
Marian Singer

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