In Memoriam: Fall/Winter 2019-20

Audrey H. Arndt passed away on Oct. 6, 2019 at the age of 95. She began her career in 1945 during World War II as a member of the Women’s Army Corps as chief clerk at McCaw General Hospital, near Ft. Walla Walla, Washington. After being honorably discharged in 1946, she went to work for Milwaukee Country Day School as secretary to the headmaster, remaining in that capacity until she retired from University School of Milwaukee in 1992, after 46 years.

Her service to the school went far beyond the expected, and she contributed in myriad ways to the school after her official duties were completed each day. In a volunteer capacity for athletics, which included evenings, weekends, and holidays, she contributed as a statistician, scorekeeper, and the primary contact for various news sources. Arndt regularly attended both home and away athletic events to cheer on her beloved teams, which further demonstrated her loyalty and support for the student athletes.

In 1991, USM established the Audrey Arndt Award, which is given to a staff member in recognition of length of service, esteem of coworkers, high level of skill and performance, attention to detail,
loyalty to the school, and commitment to young people. In 2019 she was inducted into USM’s Athletic Hall of Fame. Arndt typified what the school strives for in its students: hard work, dedication, kindness, friendship, and devotion. She will be dearly missed.

Former headmaster for Milwaukee Downer Seminary and University School of Milwaukee, Richard S. McKinley III, passed away on Nov. 26, 2019 at the age of 93. Additional coverage of his life and contributions to USM will appear in the Spring/Summer 2019–20 issue of USM Today.


Anne Crosby Green MDS’32 – Oct. 28, 2018, Alameda, Calif.

Caryl Lanholff Greenman MDS’39 – Nov. 14, 2014,Madison, Wis.


Susan Luhman Benn MDS’45 – May 18, 2019, Deerfield, Ill.

John J. O’Brien MCDS’45 – May 16, 2018, Fond du Lac, Wis.

Barbara Robinson Hickey MDS’46 – March 23, 2019, Madison, Wis.

Monte F. Huebsch Jr. MCDS’46 – July 21, 2019, St. Helena Island, S.C.

Charles E. Jordan MCDS’46 – March 6, 2012, Milwaukee

Nancy Ward Bauer MDS’47 – March 3, 2018, Three Lakes, Wis.

John Dolan MUS’47 – April 13, 2013, Raleigh, N.C.

John L. Fried MUS’47 – May 23, 2019, Milwaukee

Winogene A. Weix Kile MDS’47 – Nov. 9, 2018, Oconomowoc, Wis.

Doris Rogers Kuhns MDS’47 – May 25, 2018, Montecito, Calif.

Susan Stephens Morley MDS’47 – Aug. 20, 2018, San Jose, Calif.

Norbert B. Enzer MCDS’48 – June 8, 2019, Ann Arbor, Mich.

Olaf I. Rove MCDS’48 – March 15, 2019, Gresham, Ore.

Jackson M. Bruce Jr. MCDS’49 – May 28, 2019, Milwaukee

Leroy W. Grossman Jr. MCDS’49 – May 19, 2019, Grafton, Wis.

Ann Lindsay Remus MUS’49 – Nov. 6, 2016, St. Joseph, Mich.

Ray Strehlow MCDS’49 – July 17, 2019, Milwaukee


Josie Arp de Silva MDS’50 – Sept. 5, 2014, Davenport, Iowa

Carolanne Goetsch Flieller MDS’51 – July 13, 2019, Milwaukee

Edward T. Gerhardy MCDS’51 – Oct. 6, 2019, Denver

Mary Sawyer Orth MDS’51 – Aug. 16, 2019, Oshkosh, Wis.

Julie Middleton Carroll MDS’52 – Aug. 6, 2017, Ann Arbor, Mich.

Sibley M. Kopmeier-Havlick MDS’54 – 2019, Houston

Frederick Madison Jr. MCDS’55 – June 3, 2019, Lodi, Wis.

Gary P. Grunau MCDS’57 – Sept. 25, 2019, Milwaukee

Charles M. Klotsche MUS’59 – May 23, 2019, Palm Beach, Fla.


Candy Brumder MUS’64 – Aug. 10, 2019, Hamilton, Mont.

Russ Haviland III ’69 – June 28, 2019, St. Louis


Anastasia M. Chehak ’71 – July 13, 2017, Edmond, Okla.

Lynn E. Miller Nichols ’73 – June 20, 2019, Paradise Valley, Ariz.


Frederick R. Klug ’90 – Aug. 26, 2019, Mequon, Wis.


Daniel E. Argall – April 23, 2019, Cedarburg, Wis
Father of Brenna Argall ’98, Alyssa Tozzi ’00, Evan Argall ’02, Lacey Yee ’03, Claire Argall ’06, and Brigitte Argall ’09

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