Success by Design

In its first year of competition, USM’s FIRST Robotics team won the regional competition and qualified to compete at the national championship. When you enter the arena, one of the first things you notice is the swarm of young people milling about the lobby. As you navigate your way through the packed fans to your seat, you’re bombarded with flashing lights, loud music, and cheering. … Continue reading Success by Design

Meet USM’s Newest Innovator

University School of Milwaukee senior Nathan Rankin ’18 recently sat down with David Anderson, USM’s new innovation engineer, to learn more about his role. The newly completed Lubar Center for Innovation and Exploration features workstations for student collaboration, as well as a suite of advanced technology including laser cutters and 3-D printers. As part of his role, Mr. Anderson provides tutorials for students who wish … Continue reading Meet USM’s Newest Innovator

Open for Business: Lubar Center for Innovation and Exploration

In addition to being the first day of school, Aug. 28, 2017 was also the grand opening of the new Lubar Center for Innovation and Exploration. The large, two-story space features highly adaptable work stations that facilitate collaboration, team projects, and free-form experimentation. It also features advanced technology like a laser cutter, 3-D printers, and more. The space is housed in the Upper School but … Continue reading Open for Business: Lubar Center for Innovation and Exploration

Educating at the Speed of Change

For her senior-year capstone project, Anne Havlik ’17 tasked herself with the ambitious goal of building—from scratch—a solar-powered computer. She knew it would be a challenge but, given her interest in technology, it would also be a good opportunity to teach herself new skills. In her mind, Havlik envisioned a laptop powered by solar panels that could fit in a backpack, combining portability over rough … Continue reading Educating at the Speed of Change

Innovation Ready: Profiles

Madeline Cohen ’15 A passion for computer science and information technology developed late for Madeline Cohen ’15, but she has more than made up for lost time. Cohen joined USM’s House of Technology during her junior year and quickly developed an interest and aptitude for troubleshooting devices as she answered tickets and entered classrooms to repair devices. That interest evolved as Cohen took on more … Continue reading Innovation Ready: Profiles

Innovation Ready: Curiosity, Exploration Key as USM Students Build

Inspired by University School of Milwaukee’s Strategic Plan, and its mission to graduate students who are innovation-ready as they enter college and beyond, USM has established academic curriculum and dedicated space to foster creativity, curiosity, and exploration for all students. Demonstrating a commitment to innovative learning across all three divisions, USM features makerspace areas in the Lower School, Middle School, and Upper School that allow … Continue reading Innovation Ready: Curiosity, Exploration Key as USM Students Build