Theatre in a Pandemic? No Problem for These Students

Upper School and Middle School students displayed creativity, dedication, and determination in their respective cinematic renditions of “Crush” and “A Wrinkle in Time.” Both productions were filmed with the help of Upper School crew members and Joshua Miller, theatre technical director, and although rehearsals and filming were interrupted by quarantines and school-mandated moves to distance learning, the students persevered to deliver a finished product. Visit to view them.

Filmed with multiple camera angles over the course of a weekend, the Middle School production of “A Wrinkle in Time” by John Glore was months in the making. Despite setbacks, rescheduling, and other pandemic-related hassles, “These students were just so happy to be creating something together,” said director and Middle School Drama Teacher Katie Gonring. Pictured from left: Neva Miner ’26, Reiley Fitzsimmons ’26, and Nate Zimmerman ’25.
Directed by Upper School Drama Teacher Mark Edwards, “Crush” was filmed on and off campus over the course of several months. It featured many Upper School students including Alexander Minus ’22 and Anna Fitzsimmons ’21 (pictured, with Joshua Miller filming).

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