When Supporting USM is Automatic

For James Shovers ’11, supporting USM through a monthly recurring gift both feels good, and does good.

James Shovers ’11 has many great memories from his time as a University School of Milwaukee student. But one that stands out is being a part of the WIAA state championship hockey team in 2010. “That is a great memory for sure,” he said. “I really liked being part of such a great team and community. I’d wake up early and skate with my friends before school started, and that’s a really cool way to start the morning. It’s pretty unique to have a hockey rink right on campus.”

After graduating from USM, Shovers went on to pursue a degree in finance at Wake Forest University. From there, he landed finance-related roles at firms in Atlanta and then Milwaukee before finding his current position in private equity for consumer businesses at Winona Capital Management in Chicago. Shovers felt that his USM education prepared him well for college and his career. “One thing that’s great about USM is that they teach you how to write,” he said. “There were a lot of intelligent kids at Wake, but many of them couldn’t present ideas well in a written format, and I think USM really prepared me for that.”

Shovers valued his USM experience and education so much that he was inspired to support the USM Fund through an automatic recurring gift via a monthly charge on his credit card. “USM was a huge part of my youth,” he said. “It’s where I first took challenging classes that helped me develop a great work ethic, where I made lifelong friends, and where I played a ton of sports. If I think about who I am today, a lot of the reasons are because of USM. And I just want to share that experience.”

Individuals who support the USM Fund, like Shovers, are vital to the school’s operation, day in and day out. Gifts of all sizes truly make a difference for USM students. “My gift may not be buying buildings for the school,” Shovers said. “But it’s important to me to set a schedule and include USM in my finances every month. USM is something that shaped who I am, and I’ll continue to support it for the foreseeable future. Maybe one day I’ll get a building,” he laughed.

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